Farmers Cooperative Management.

We help farmers and coops manage farm operations and improve productivity, while providing a platform for farm investors to track investment remotely to derisk lending.

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Manage Farm Operations

Manage entire farm operations including planting activities, sales, accounting, inventory management and market access.

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Boost Farm Revenue

Get the intelligence to accurately predict and manage farm activities throughout the planting season and improve yields by up to 80%.

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Access Funding

Determine the profitability of the farming business before spending a penny and generate cashflow statements and reports that shows you are credit-worthy.

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Smallholder farmers can manage farm better with Probityfarms

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Perfect for first-time farmers.

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    Farm Budget and Crop Planting Template

    Answer simple questions about your farm and automatically generate a budget and crop planting template.

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    Manage farm Operations

    Be on top of every farm activity and be confident of your business potential.

  3. 3

    Weather Report and Task Reminders

    Get location specific weather notification reports that shows you how weather will impact your farm each day.

Ideal for advanced farmers, Cooperative Societies and Agric Investors

Probityfarms helps you to coordinate activities of farm workers on-site, track distribution of farming inputs and monitor use of investment.

Collborate with your team

Manage everyone working on your farm. Assign people to roles by adding them as collaborators and track their contributions to your operations.

Keep Track of Your Investment

As an investor, you can monitor the activities of farm managers, real-time, without visiting the farm everyday.

Evaluate farm performance

Compare your end-of-season performance with projected yields to determine how to improve your farm performances for next season.

You can start your next farm project with confidence, knowing that you have the intelligence needed to improve yield and profit by up to 80% and reduce wastages.

manage my farm + 80%

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Working with the industries best and brightest minds to deliver outstanding results.

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I truly love what you guys are doing.....these are the kind of differences i want to make in my community.

Alh Shekari Rijo.
Rijo Farms

These are the kind of innovation we need in our agricultural sector. It will produce more harvest.

Mai Angwar D Farmer

Good job team @probityfarms We will take Agribusiness to every part of Africa. We will go places.

Akin Alabi
CorporateFarmers Int

ProbityFarms is positioning itself to be the biggest data driven agri-tech platform in Nigeria.

Daniel Moses

Let us manage your farm for you.

Our team of highly trained agronomists and farm extension workers will manage your farm and deliver maximum returns, with peace of mind.

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