Before you start planting: What you need to know about Plowing

As most farmers prepare to return to their farms, It is important to remember that every aspect of farming activities should be given appropriate effort to achieve maximum yield.

Land preparation marks the beginning of a planting calendar. So it is essential to get it right as good preparation is essential for crop growth. Plowing is an age long pre-planting practice that is used to give seeds the best chance of growing and germinating.

Usually the soil becomes compact from a long time without farming, this makes it hard for plants to germinate or remove nutrients from the soil. A good plow helps break down this structure and free up the soil, helping plants germinate faster and leads to good growth.

Plowing can be done mechanically or using crude implements such as hoe, but it is advisable not to dig too deep when making seed beds.

A farmer can also use this opportunity to apply manure or fertilizer in order to add additional nutrients to the soil. Whichever type is to be used, ensure instructions on the product are followed diligently as over application of certain fertilizers can weaken young plants or stunt growth.

However good the reason to plow the soil may be, it comes with some problems and cost. It may lead to erosion, where water or wind would carry away the top part soil. The practice also disturbs the activity of microorganisms in soil, which are supposed to naturally break down soil components.

For these reasons other farmers choose to practice “no-till” farming, this practice entails covering the soil with layers or organic residue from previous farming season and having it decompose organically before planting. It is usually up to the farmer to make a choice on the type of plow that would best impact his farm.

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