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Farmers in Nigeria have lower yields than farmers elsewhere (like in Asia, North America and Europe). Do you know why?
This is because local farmers lack of access to modern practices. We built Probityfarms specifically give you the best practises that will help you to increase your farm yield and revenue by up to 80%. There are two major advantages that using the application gives you: the ability to manage your farm operations and farm finance easily.

1. You get the best farming practices for the crops you want to plant.

Our research shows that farmers need best farming practices of what to plant. As a result, we worked with experts to develop templates for different crop types (right now we support more than 15 crops).

How does this feature work?

Simply complete the 4 simple steps in order to get a FREE detailed report containing all the farm activities for the crops you want to plant. You can launch the farm advisory here.

2. You get a dashboard to manage your farm operations.

As soon as you complete the step above, you will get a PDF in your email and will also be granted access to your own personalized dashboard that is populated with the tasks from your farm advisory document. These activities cover farm tasks from pre-planting to harvesting stage for each crop.

How this feature works

We populate all your farm activities into a roaster. To get started, click on each task to pop up a dialog box to update the status of each work (as pending, ongoing or completed) and also to include how much it cost to finish the task.

This means that you don’t need to carry around excel or spreadsheet to keep your finance and log books to track your farm task as everything can be recorded at once. In future update, we are going to synchronize this experience with Google calendar.

  • In addition to this, you also have access to a health directory. Just type in any farm related diseases and you will get full details, including how to treat the farm disease from mosaic virus to bird flu.
  • Lets I forget, we also made it easy to get hyper-local weather forecast. Farmers understand that rain is one of the most significant factors that determine the success of farm project. We want to make it easy to predict if it is going to rain or not. Farmers can see predictions of rainfall from the app and can subscribe to daily weather alerts via SMS. (Subscription fee applies for this).

3. Get hypothetical farm yield report based on best practices.

This predictive report shows you what farm performance should look like. We used the values you provided for your plantation (size of farmland, crop types etc) to generate an estimate revenue analysis based on standard benchmarks.Below are what each report stands for:

  1. Total expense: This is the total expense you are expected to incur throughout the farm activities.
  2. Total turnover: Expected revenue our intelligent system predicted you will make from your venture.
  3. Profit: As the name implies, this will be the difference between your total turnover and expense.
  4. Hectare/day: Hectare shows the size of your farmland (based on the information you provided), while days shows the number of days for the crop life cycle.
When you click “end your farm”, we will generate an actual report for your that compares the actual performance with projected performance we bench-marked against. (More on this on the section about “managing your farm finance”)

4. Collaborate with others on the farm project.

You can easily grant access to other people to carry out tasks for you. Our notification and reporting systems make it easy to follow up on the progress of your workers or associates.

This also means that if you help other people manage their farm investments (like this guy is doing), you can ask your “investors” to sign up on the platform to see your progress. The good part is that you can limit the information that your users see based on the permission settings.

5. Manage your farm finance from A to Z.

Farming is a business that requires you to be able to manage cashflow and P&L. We built finance management into Probityfarms to allow you add (1) farm expenses: an ongoing spending on the farm (2) Harvest: highlight harvest made from the farm and represent them in terms of tonnage or size (3) Sales: record all revenue generated from sale of farm products or service.

You are advised to enter accurate information that reflects the true state of your farms’ operations as every information you entered above will be reflected in you cashflow.

Your cashflow report indicates how you spent or made money. This is a reflection of the business side of your farm.

At the end of the farming season, most farmers want to know their financial positions. Knowing this helps them to evaluate how successful the farming year was.

To do this on Probityfarms, you can click on “end my farm” button to generate a “forensic financial report” and compare your performance with the benchmarks we talked about earlier.

To create an example, I generated for my farm below that compares my farm with the benchmarks.

What’s the future of this product ?

We have big plans for the future.

After we released first version of the product, we’ve got multiple positive feedbacks and use case ideas from beta users. Others even suggested features (please keep them coming). All these informed our decision to bake more data intelligence to probityfarms to help you improve your loan applications, manage sales and manage enterprise projects …..….in the future.

Help us spread the word about Probityfarms.

Please, help us to spread the word. There are so many ways to do it:

1.. Share this post by tweeting it at @probityfarms OR post it on those WhatsApp groups you belong to.
2. Recommend Probityfarms to anyone using still biro and papers or Excel to keep their farm records.
3. Invite us to speak at your agric-focus event. We like to talk about convergence of agric with technology. We call it #ModernFarming #agricMeetsTech.
4. Recommend us to your networks, investor friends or to any government sponsored initiatives.
5. Tell us the features you want us to build to the application.

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