5 Benefits of Farm Advisory System

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Farming can be described as a technical profession, from planting to management and harvest, it is often tedious to gain insights to the best practices for farming different types of crops. Potential Farmers looking to go into agriculture are hindered by the lack of access to materials which would improve their knowledge of farming for a particular crop, as they don’t have easy access to experienced farmers who can help their decision making.

For a business as unpredictable as agriculture, it is little wonder that many are ready to venture into farming but unable to do so due to the fear of taken wrong steps. These are problems which are obtained from lack of easy access to information on farming, in order to meet our goals in the agricultural sector it has become increasingly necessary to have an advisory system that helps farmers.

An advisory system is designed to support decision making in a myriad of domains by providing information drawn from experts in that field. With recent developments in technology, these are 5 ways an advisory system can be used to improve farm yield and productivity.

1.Encourage Participation in Agriculture

By providing access to reliable information about costs of farming a crop/livestock and return on investments of the product in the market. An advisory system can provide enlightenment on profitable crops for different localities and encourage more participation in agriculture.

2.Reduces Risk in Agriculture

Through precise data drawn from different farms, a potential farmer is made aware of steps to take before venturing into farming a particular crop. This removes the fear of the unknown and helps a farmer venture into crop he/she is capable of growing.

3.Provides Information about Expected Farm Procurement, costs and ROI for Selected crops/animals

An advisory system provides a platform where farmers can get range of prices for various farm inputs. With this system farmers can have a good knowledge of farm inputs such as seedlings, fertilizers, chemicals, organic manure, animal feed etc. before venturing to the market. It also gives an idea of prices a farmer can market his products, ensuring farmers are not exploited.

4.Alert for Pests and Diseases

Farmers can benefit from the advisory system’s robust database on pests and diseases. For specific crops and livestock, a farmer can get real time updates on steps to take when their crop/livestock is infected. The advisory system provides access to information on Biological, cultural and chemical steps to take to avoid occurrence of common pests and diseases.

5.Access to Farming Practices and Techniques

The advisory system would ensure farmers get detailed information on various farm practices and techniques from land preparation, planting, weed management, harvest and even selling produce in the market. These information gathered from personal experiences of experts in agriculture, would help farmers achieve improve yield and productivity.

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