5 Ways African Farmers can have better harvest in 2018

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As we start a new plating season in 2018, it is paramount for farmers to look back on mistakes made in the previous planting season and how to improve on farming methods to achieve better yield. This article presents steps farmers can take to achieve better yield.

1.Using Modern Farm methods

Farming methodologies have being redefined through modern technology, farmers using improved methods in farming have an edge over farmers using archaic methods. Modern farm methods such as mulching, pollination, using stakes or trellises are different ways farmers all around the world are achievinghigh productivity for small portions of land. To achieve better harvest and increased profit from farm it is essential to make research on best methods to use for farming a crop.

2.Better Farm Input

Advancements in technology have made it possible for farmers to enjoy bountiful harvests by planting improved seeds and using better technologies on their farm. For example a improved seed of maize would not only ensure a farmer has bigger harvests, but also reduces the risk of the plants being attacked by pests and diseases especially if seeds are pre-treated. Other farm input such as irrigation systems have being modified to let crops get access to water with little or no supervision. By ensuring an upgrade on all input and machinery on farm, farm work would not only be less tedious but farmers can also enjoy increased productivity.

3. Planning Farm Activities

Running a farm is no easy job, plants as living beings require adequate nurture and care. That’s why it is essential for a farmer to have a breakdown of all activities and tasks to be performed on farm. Timing tasks would help to avoid procrastination. Weeding, irrigation activities, application of fertilizers and so on are activities which if lagged on would be detrimental to the health of crops.

ProbityFarms allows farmers to keep record of all activities to be performed on a simple calendar for free, it makes it easy for a farmer to easily track back to when fertilizer or pesticide was last applied, and help to ensure farm activities are detailed and accounted for. Get SMS alerts on your phone, reminding you of tasks to complete on your farm whenever you want.

4.Better Recording Keeping

Keeping records of farm expenses and costs always proves to be a difficult task for most African farmers, as the need for keeping records are usually not immediate. However it serves as a strong reason why many farms fail. By not adequately balancing expenses and revenue from farm, farmers cant usually tell what aspect of farm is gulping the most sum or where actions can be taken to cut costs.

It also makes so difficult to access funds and credit facilities as farmers cannot present any tangible document to financial institutions which would show viability of their farms.

ProbityFarms provides a free easy to fill template that farmers can use to detail all costs and description for the entire planting season. At the end of the season, farmers can export a document which represents all financial inflow and outflow, and can be used to represent health of farm.

5. Obtaining / Utilizing Loans and Funds

Farmers are most usually in need of funds and grants to expand their farms and ensure high profitability, However funds are hard to come by as there is little or no way would-be investors can keep track of the health of farms and monitor their investments. However using ProbityFarms solution, farmers can constantly update information of farm activity and progress, using this solution investors can have access to:

  • Activities performed on farm
  • Cost of farm activities
  • Pictures of farm’s activities and status
  • Get a satellite image view of farm and see under performing aspects of farm
  • Compare farm cost/sales to expected costs and revenue
By using this free features, farmers can save details of farm’s progress and share it with investors or co-operative members, so as to access loans and funds. Investors and co-operative members can also use the solution to track all activities going on in farm.

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