Agric Investment With Jehus Farms While You Go About Your Job!

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JEHUS KINGDOM FARM AFFAIRS LTD. also known as JEHUS FARMS a registered Company in Nigeria with registration number RC1413812. Their office is located at CMD-Jubilee road, around Magodo Phase 2 main gate.

JEHUS FARMS is a Farm Estate at Abule-Ojo village which is about 10minutes drive from Ogere, Obafemi Owode Local Govt. in Ogun State and about 45minutes drive from Ojodu Berger, Lagos.

JEHUS FARMS is presently cultivating 400acres of plantain in Ogere, Ogun State. The farmland has Registered Deed of Assignment as title.

The Investment
We have Acres of farmland for the cultivation of plantain. And we are opening opportunities for you to either own or lease a portion of the farmland, we will till the land and cultivate same, insure the farm against eventualities, then buy off your product at every harvest (send the money to you). We will process plantain to plantain flour (Elubo), plantain chips and other recipes for our own profits. Hence investment products are:-

INVEST N800,000 to purchase 1acre (6plots) farmland and prepare same for planting. Or Invest N140,000 to purchase 1 plot of farmland and prepare same for planting. The belong to you. You will get relevant document in respect of the land.

INVEST another N755,000/acre for the cultivation and management of plantain farm on your 1acre farmland for 3years. Or N135,000/plot for 1 plot for cultivation and management.

This management fund will be used to
 Buy hybrid plantain seedlings and treat them
 Plant the seedlings
 Insure the farm with Nigerian Agric Insurance corporation for protection against eventualities for 3years
 Buy and apply fertilizers twice yearly for 3years
 Get other organic fertilizers to compliment
 Run irrigation during dry seasons for 3years
 Staff and run the farm daily for 3years
 Provide security till harvest especially during fruiting seasons
 Community liaison.
So, total investment of N800k + N755k = N1,550,000/acre and N140,000 + N135,000 = N275,000/plot.

Returns On Investment
From both options you earn the following from the Farmland within 3years of management contract:
1st Year (10th -11th Month) =N400,000/acre & N70k/plot
2nd Year (1st 6months)=N500,000/acre & N82,500/plot
2nd Year (2nd 6months)=N500,000/acre & N82,500/plot
3rd Year (1st 6months)=N500,000/acre & N82,500/plot
3rd Year (2nd 6months)=N500,000/acre & N82,500/plot

Total = N2,400,000/acre & N400,000/plot

You get your returns and your land still appreciates in value.

 We are insuring the farm to take the risk off us and insuring with the only Agric Insurance Company in Nigeria that is reinsured by the Central Bank and the Federal Government.
 While we process to finished product for sale, a percentage of our own profit, is isolated into an account on the event of anything we can fall back on that fund to pay investors their returns.
 We have our farm; so that on the event yield is low we arrange payment of returns from our own farm yield.

You can watch the video here:

You can call 08068272981 or 08023945077 to arrange for inspection or visit the office for more enquiries.