Agriculture is the new oil, how do i tap in

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The Current price of a barrel of Palm Oil is $95 while the current price of a barrel of crude oil is $55.83,

Nigeria's increasing dependence on oil as a huge source of its income has brought it untold damage. Citizens prefer to dress up in nice suits, well combed hair and work 9 hour jobs .
With little plan on source of food for consumption its a no brainer that the country has had to resort to importing the simplest of agricultural produce.

I’m sure you have heard the damning statistics, so I would likely not bring them up. Truth is at some point in time we begun to realize we were kidding ourselves as a nation if we thought we could get away with showing a nonchalant attitude to Agriculture.

An improved agricultural sector trickles down to every part of our economy, it means more food (which for me is a huge plus) , amongst:
  1. Cheaper food,
  2. Employment
  3. Increased industrialization through development of industries responsible for food processing
  4. Increased revenue for the government which means more good roads, water and social amenities
  5. Increased exports which lead to better foreign exchange and economic viability.
Economic development can come ONLY from investments in agriculture, as individuals how do we contribute to agriculture and assure responsibility for what we eat? In what do we assist to ensure there is a regular supply of food on our table?

Agriculture is broad field and has the capacity to employ millions of people. Through different chain of activities it can provide employment for Engineers, Biochemists, Economists, Accountants, Computer scientists etc. Example of these activities are:

  1. Manufacturing and maintenance of farm machineries
  2. Transport of farm produce,
  3. Research,
  4. Production of feed, manure, fertilizers and farm inputs,
  5. Advisory and extension services,
  6. Financial record keeping and accounting services
  7. Application of technology and use of farm data
Revolutionizing Agriculture is becoming a necessity if Nigeria is to reap the reward that the sector provides. All round investments must made to improve every aspect of the Agriculture value-chain and encourage participation of technical experts and professionals.

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