Agriculture: Our livelihood and Important Nigeria Economy Player

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Before the discovery of crude oil, Nigeria knows the importance of agriculture as the national source of revenue; and also as the source of individuals livelihood. In fact, Nigeria was and still a major importer of Ginger, Cocoa, Rice and many other agricultural produce.

In the world we live today, agriculture is playing an effective role in our every activities. From the food we eat to the cloth we wear; even, many country’s economy and her Gross Domestic Product (GDP) depend largely on the outputs of agriculture. For this reason and many more, we will look into the importance of agriculture in our economy and individual lives.

I am from Nigeria and have seen many farmers reaping the benefits of agriculture year-in-year-out. As a matter fact, many of these farmers are richer than many other business owners; their wealth comes from the farm produce.Without too much ado, let's start.

1. Source of livelihood:

Agriculture plays an important role as the source of livelihood for each and everyone of us; without it, our existence will not have been possible. In addition, more 90 % of the people directly rely on agriculture as a mean of living; by eating the products from farms or selling farm products.

By and large, more than 85% of the people living in rural area of most countries are directly involve agriculture; making it a source of livelihood for them. In fact, this is what majority of them know how to do best since they were born into this world. If it is important to these people, then what impact does it have on the urban population?

People living in urban areas depend mainly on the supplies from our rural areas. This is an advantage to those living in the rural area.

2. Source of Raw Material:

Agriculture has been the main source of raw materials to major industries in Nigeria; in fact, these industries - cotton, fabric, sugar, tobacco, edible as well as non-edible oils all depend on agriculture.

Nigeria as a country as been a major source of raw materials for local use and for exportation. Image above from the National Bureau of statistic indicated an increase of 31.8% in raw material export value. This is actually a significant increase for the country agriculture sector.

3. Profitable Business Venture:

Agriculture is known to be one of the most profitable business venture in Nigeria; along with real estate business and few others. In fact, agriculture is a good source of income; people in the rural area are reaping its benefits. In addition, agriculture create business opportunity for individuals and organization looking to practice it. How?

As well as you may be aware, success in business comes when you are able to provide solution to people’s problems. Being able to meet the demand for food, raw materials and other agriculture products will create wealth to those involve in the business.

4. Create Employment Opportunities:

With great human and natural resources, Nigeria is blessed. Within the agricultural sectors, there are many opportunities for our youths. From job training positions for news graduate and non-graduates to expert positions; there exist great employment opportunities.

For example, agriculture needs constructions of various infrastructures such as good drainage and irrigation systems, These systems are important in the agriculture sector; therefore, its construction and maintenance are equally important too.

5. Contribution to National Income

As mentioned above, agriculture create employment for the people; therefor, directly or indirectly it is contributing to the country economic development.
Most countries national income comes from the proceed of their exported agricultural products. For example, Liberia and Somalia are the first and second countries that mainly depend on their agriculture.

With Liberia, agriculture accounts for almost 80% of the country’s GDP; while agriculture account for over 60% of Somalia’s GDP.

Source: Yokebay has more information on the benefits of agriculture here -