Boosting Food Productivity in Africa Using Probityfarms

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Africa is expected to have a large portion of total world population growth, by 2050 over 1.3 billion people are expected to be added to the total population of Africa, with countries like Nigeria having an expected population of 450 million by 2050, According to United Nations Statistics Africa’s food production would have to increase by 70% in 2050 to meet its rising demand.


This Increase in Population if not supported by an increase in food productivity would lead to chaos. There is an expected increase in the size of the middle class which would lead to a resultant increase in demand of high value food products. Countries who do not have capacity to produce enough food to feed its population would have to resort to importation or starve.

Over 65 percent of the arable land left to feed nine billion people in the world is in Africa. We must not depend on others to feed our continent. We must feed ourselves, and do so with pride because Africa cannot be truly free, until it can feed itself.

Africa has being unable to cash in on this, according to United Nations statistics, Africa has the highest number of unused arable land in the world. Due to inadequate infrastructure, lack of capital, information and inability to access modern farming tools and equipment.

However the last few years have seen considerable changes in how farmers approach agriculture. Through the realization of the need for improved farming methods to feed the rising population; African farmers now embrace modern farm practices that would help them ensure greater yield and improved condition of livestock for farm animals.

Farmers now talk about the need for improved seedlings, effective irrigation methods, rearing profitable animal breeds, using improved feeds for livestock and other modern farming practices. This has made modern farming evolve into a business venture, making it necessary for a farmer to efficiently manage various farm operations concurrently; to ensure high level of productivity.

The days of HOE & CUTLASS farming is over, the modern farmer must adopt TRACTOR & LAPTOP, tractor will boost is day to day activities and laptop with give insight how how the farming business is doing, once every activity is measured.

It has also necessitated continued budgeting of farm operations, from cost of land to cost of seedlings, feed and fertilizers; Modern farmers need to have considerable management skills and tools.

ProbityFarms is a software that is helping African farmers address these challenges, with ProbityFarms;

  • Farmers can keep track of all farm activities:- like farm land size capture, construction of pen houses, clearing, planting, fertilizer application, sorting, vitals reading, mating, harvesting and all expenses incurred during these activities.
  • Farmers can get real time information about the state of their farms from any location, plan and schedule farm tasks, receiving SMS or Email alerts when they are due.
  • Farmers can get real insight to crop or farm portion profitability and productivity by accumulating all expenses incurred Vs revenue made in charts and statistics, this will enable the farmer to plan better and be more optimized.
  • The platform will also use satellite images to advice on crop growth and make recommendation in case of drought and water shortages, it can also be used for insurance claims and loan applications.
  • The system has an in-built intelligence that will analyses the soil and make recommendations for fertilizer application and best crops to plant with the expected yield advice.
  • Farmers on Probityfarms will be given pest, weed and disease alert and resolution advice.
  • Farmers can make inventory of crop, livestock animals and equipment, record inflow and outflow of cash to their farms and get reports on expected yield before harvest among many benefits.
ProbityFarms is designed to run on all platforms, including mobile phones ensuring accessibility for even small scale farmers. It hopes to achieve a reach of 200,000 farmers by 2020 and 500,000 by 2022.

“I believe it is only through the use of modern farm practices that farmers can provide enough food to feed our growing population. So what we have done is create ProbityFarms to help farmers oversee and manage these practices”. Click here to Register a FOR FREE ACCOUNT.

Farmers can enjoy the benefits of the software for free if they plant just 2 crops or have 2 pen house forever, our choose an affordable plans of $14 (N5000) per month for 5crops or 5 pen houses, and $28 (N10,000) per month for 10 crops or pen houses. Enterprise/Cooperative growers can call and have a custom made solution built for them. Start Using It Free Here.

“We believe that through the use of our platform, increased food production can be achieved, reduce unemployment, reduce demand for foreign exchange, providing better conditions for the farmer and society at large”.

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Plant Early, Plant Effectively.
The function of Seasonal Soil Rotation.
Remember The Yield Potential.
Ever Scout Your Fields.
Guarantee Proper Water Drainage.
Utilize Fertilizers.
Test Your Soil.
Weed Early and Often.
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You have said it all, it is only through boosting farm practices, government engagement and private sector investment that we can improve our farm productivity.
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I totally like this write up. You are right, it will boost food production.