How to Do an Agricultural Pre-Mortem (and Prevent a Post-Mortem)

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A Post Mortem is usually carried out by doctors to find out why a person died, so as to put preventive measures in place to avoid a re-occurrence of such.

Businesses are not left out of this trend as most entrepreneurs are always eager to deduce why their product or service failed/died. After the pointing of fingers, and making wild accusations it is usually imperative for a proper businessman to analyze the factors and reasons that led to the demise of his/her business venture.

These days Agriculture can most often be regarded as businesses, with a farmer addressing issues in seed type, fertilizer purchase, water conservation, labor costs, inventory and other expenses. Present day farmers are getting to be more than just crop producers but businessmen and entrepreneurs in their own right.

Running a farm as a business requires the farmer to take steps and utilize tools that ensures that all factors of production are working properly. To do this a farmer has to properly schedule and monitor all farm activities just as he would for a conventional business.
Purchase of seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides e.t.c and other farm input should be properly recorded, farm activities and date of completion, costs of carrying out each activity, should form a crucial part of a farm’s record.

Using information accumulated over a planting season can help farmers recognize highs and lows of the farming business and watch out for red flags, by timely identification of leakages in farming venture farmers would be able to take appropriate control measures when necessary.

ProbityFarms is a solution that helps farmers to easily keep track of farm expenses, costs and revenue so as to improve productivity and revenue from farms. Farmers can easily record day to day purchases on their farm, generate a total of farm expenses and compare against the expected revenue for any particular crop. Using this tool farmers know when their farm expenses and costs exceeds the acceptable norm for that crop in their locality.

With Data generated over multiple farms, ProbityFarms allows farmers to easily compare costs of farm purchases and expenses, helping to control exploitation and ensuring proper utilization of farm capital and funds. Use ProbityFarms to do a Pre-Mortem on your farm ensuring you never have to carry out a Post-Mortem.
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