How to Run An Efficient Farmers Cooperative

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A farmers cooperative, usually known as farmers coop is a system where farmers pool their resources together to perform a certain activity. Agriculture as a field has immense opportunities but most farmers are unable to benefit due to low finances. Cooperatives provides a way for farmers to join together in a association and pool their resources to achieve a common goal.

There are numerous benefits that can be enjoyed from belonging to agricultural cooperatives. Farmers cooperatives are known for their resilience and strength, with increasing turnover yearly. They also do better in sale of farm produce due to higher bargaining power. Combined efforts ensure cooperatives find it easy to overcome everyday problems other farmers struggle with.

However for a cooperative to be successful, it needs good organization and management. Members of the farmers coop should have a ready access to the state of the farm and their investments and at any time. Successful Farmers cooperative find it necessary to utilize technology in managing and tracking farmers coop data.

ProbityFarms has features that allows members to access data from the cooperative at any point in time. This helps to ensure full transparency and accountability. By following on farm’s progress, experienced farmers coop members can make advice and contributions, without being physically present on farm.

1. Register all members and their contributions

Farm cooperatives can easily register and store data of its members with a record of financial contribution made to the cooperative. Since each member has access to the account, this helps to reduce confusion. And provides a means of verifying cooperative member's data on the go.

2. Automatically calculates members share from farm yield

Agricultural cooperatives are mostly faced with the problem of determining how much was contributed and the formular for sharing proceeds among its members. ProbityFarms automatically generates the stake of each member in the cooperative and how much they are entitled to.
Farm members from any location can through the application track and manage their investments in the cooperative.

3. Members can monitor farm's progress through, tracking activities, expenses, harvest date, revenue and other metrics.

Every Farm produces data through certain metrics which allows a farmer to know how well his farm is doing. Through proper record of farm activities, expenses data, sales data e.t.c. ProbityFarms allows for this information to be shared readily with all cooperative members. This provides members with an overview of their investment, ensuring they are rest assured. Well experienced farmers can provide expertise to the cooperative venture by accessing farm's data online

4. Members can follow up on farm progress through Farm Gallery / Satellite Imagery

Agricultural Cooperatives often face the tediousness of having to share farm success with each member. Members located away from farm can log in into farm's account to get a look into pictures of farms progress and track activities.
ProbityFarms is introducing tools to help farmers to conduct crop forecasting and manage their agriculture production by utilizing satellite imagery of farms.
Through these features cooperative members are assured that all is in place to ensure promising returns on farm investments.

5. Presents data from farm activities and spending in a PDF document which is distributed to farmers at the end of the season

At the end of the planting season, Cooperative members would have a exportable PDF document of farm's record / data sent to their mail. This document provides an overview of farm activities, expenses and revenue acquired from farm venture.

With good management and transparency, farmers cooperatives have limitless potential for growth and revenue. Are you a member of any farmer cooperative or know any farmer cooperatives?, call 07031008088 or visit to get more information on how probityfarms can help you manage your cooperative.

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I am Yusuf Abubakar Ahmed, the President An-Nur Fadama Users Cooperative Group Farming Society Limited located in Ilorin, Kwara State - Nigeria. The Cooperative is a new one and I will appreciate if you can further explain how the software or technology will be manage and how much it will really cost.

anxiously waiting for your reply