The Impact of Technology in Agriculture

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Technology has made a direct impact on our everyday life, it has changed the way we learn, and the way we communicate amongst its other benefits. With technology we can get information at the click of a button, purchase items from the market without moving a step, oversee sale of goods and services from the comfort of our homes.
Each aspect of technology has been designed to contain less errors and deliver on its set of objectives faster. But although the impact of technology cannot be refuted, one sector has lagged behind.

The adoption of technology in African farming has being happening at a very slow rate. All over the world modern farmers boast of diaries that produces a huge amount of milk from a few cows, or the world’s first robot produced crop. However African farmers still patiently wait for the commencement of rains before planting just as their ancestors hundreds of years ago.Using age-long practices have greatly reduced productivity on farms. Farmers in Africa are producing less food, using up more space, having more post-harvest losses, making lower ROIs after sale of produce etc.

With a fast rising population, It’s obvious that technology is needed now more than ever to avert food insecurity. Development of creative solutions that help farmers utilize technology must be encouraged, and this is a role private institutions can play. Technology adoption rate should also be encouraged among small holder farmers, especially by providing platforms these technologies can work on e.g. a Mobile Phone.

When smallholder farmers produce better and more efficiently, we would all be better off. A stronger GDP, low unemployment, low crime, cheaper food are examples of gains in an economy where agriculture is designed to thrive.

Governments and individual bodies have a strong role to play, to aid technological adoption in the sector. To bridge the gap, a credible amount of investments is needed to ensure that small holder farmers can access technological tools that are cheap and easily accessible. Agricultural bodies such as IITA, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), NIRSAL, CTA are already utilizing technology across Africa to help farmers produce better. But more efforts are needed.

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