The role of Agri Insurance in Agricultural Development

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Agricultural Insurance is an insurance that is purchased by agricultural producers such as farmers which allows them to protect themselves against loss of crops and animals due to natural diseases or sickness to farm animals.

Farming can be considered a risky venture as farmers do not have total control over a varying number of factors. Amongst them are theft, diseases of crops and animals and weather conditions such as rainfall, humidity, sunlight. These factors if not managed properly can cause a farmer untold losses, and lead to a total collapse of his/her business venture.

Agricultural insurance was created with the main purpose of helping to improve productivity for low income farmers by protecting them from unfortunate events that may occur in running of their farm. Farmers can farm extensively knowing their crops are well covered in terms of losses they can incur on their farm.

Agric insurance can also cover death of farm animals related to diseases, including deaths occurring from a disease outbreaks. This would ensure worry is taken out of farming for farmers and encourage them to take more risks and make further investments on their farm.

There is a widespread notion that insurance companies do not pay for claims, it should be stressed that insurance works on principles that must be adhered to and if a farmer has a genuine claim, insurance companies are bound to pay, however farmers should avoid undervaluing their property to avoid paying the right premium as this would led to penalizing by subjecting claims to principles of average.

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