Using Neem Tree Extracts as Cheap alternative to Pest Control

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Ne’em tree, popular known as Dogonyaro is an evergreen tree which can be found in tropical and sub-tropical areas.
It has various uses and farmers can also benefit by using is as a cheap source of natural insecticide. Insects that feed on vegetables and plants do so because of its sweet taste.
By spraying Ne'em leaves solution on plants, a farmer can prevent these insects from chewing plant leaves by coating plant leaves with a substance of bitter taste.
Unlike chemical insecticide that kills insects after direct contact, neem leaves prevents insects from eating the plant, by keeping them at bay, it also helps to disrupt the sexual reproduction of insects ensuring their life cycle is terminated and if insects rely on plant leaves solely for feed, they starve off and die.
We use this Organic pesticide for:


•white fly



As an organic control method, it is free of chemicals and is not toxic to human or animals, research has also shown that areas where neem leaves were sprayed is found to have an increased number of earthworms, which helps to improve soil quality as they bore into the soil.

To apply neem leaves, pluck branches from tree. Then carefully separate leaves from branches. Chop leaves to smaller bits using a blender or food processor. Soak in water for three days, allowing it to brew, although farmer might choose to boil in order to hasten the process. When the mixture is ready, it would have a bitter-like smell. Pour out of container and sieve the mixture using a cloth to remove leave particles, the sieved out particles can be used as a compost heap.

To ensure mixture sticks to plant, add oil before spraying. Collect mixture in a spraying can and apply to plant leaves, ensure sprayed mixture does not run off the plant.Shake properly before spraying and spray to the top of leaves.

For a stronger version of the pesticide, the neem oil can be extracted from the seed. The dried seeds are grounded into powdery form. This powder can then be reconstituted with oil. A coating of neem oil protects food crops for up to 20months from all sorts of infestation with no loss in quality of plants

Flies, Ticks and mosquitoes can be prevented from affecting livestock by spraying neem oil, research showed that inducing neem seed extract into diet of livestock eradicates hornfly

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Great info! Neem has strong neutralizing power and it has found to be effective in killing around many pests that are harmful to humans in different ways. Neem oil is a great pests repellent which can be used to get rid of pests like ants, bugs or mites. Neem seeds, prevents fungus growth. Neem extracts are also used in an organic spray used to spray over the plants in the garden to repel away many pests. Also one can consult the pest control NJ professionals for the better knowledge and learn ways to use the organic products.