Horticulture: How Nigeria can make it big

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Horticulture has developed in numerous African countries as a source of revenue for farmers and employers alike.
Currently it is the fastest growing agricultural sub-sector in Kenya and is ranked third in terms of foreign exchange earnings from exports after tourism and tea. Fruits, vegetable and cut flower production are the main aspects of horticultural production in the country.
The Kenyan flower industry is expanding, with roses continuing to dominate the export market with sales up from 24.6 million kilo grammes in 1999 to 28.4 million kg in 2003, a 15 per cent increase.
This has not been the case in Nigeria as different problems has hindered the development of horticulture as a business in the country, from in availability of regular water supply to low patronage. it is expected that with adequate investment in horticulture it could serve as a huge source of income for farmers.
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