How to beat recession with poultry farming secrets - part 1


* Don't let capital scare you. I have proved that u can start with 49k
I want to show you something very deep in poultry farming. I will be treating the following titles with you:
1. How to beat recession with poultry farming secrets

2. Practical steps to starting a poultry farming business

3. Poultry farmers worst nightmares

4. Poultry farming secrets that guarantees systemic flow of income so that you make 50% profit.
In the first 2 series, I will be exposing to you the following:

- poultry farming basis
-the different nitche in poultry farming and their various opportunities in terms of CASH
- the various entry points in broilers and layers farming and the best and easy one to start with
-what u need to set up a poultry farm
-the techniques involved in growing day old chicks
- how to administer broiler vaccine, care for your chicks and grow healthy chickens

And lot's more...

Poultry farming basis:

There's a how to everything.
Success in life or business requires great time in planning, initiating and executing.

Someone once said, he who fails to plan, plan to fail.
In the poultry business you need adequate time studying all you can before you ever begin. You must know what the business entails in term of resources, skill, energy, time etc.
You don't just start a poultry farm because you saw your neighbour making money from it or because you see everyone around you doing it. That everyone is successful at a business doesn't mean you too would make it doing that business. You'd make it though if you know EVERYTHING there's and have ALL the skills to implement them.

So first question you must ask yourself is, Do I have the time to live a farm life? Can I feel comfortable with the smell of chicken droppings, Slaughtering of chickens, and all the works there's? Do I have the time to manage a farm or at least have someone do it for me?

You see, you can't grow in something you are not comfortable doing. You may make money but it won't be Big and you'd never find happiness too.
Two things you must never do:

1. NEVER go into poultry farming because everyone is doing it.

2. NEVER go into poultry farming because of the "money'

Please understand that your drive must be to add Value and not to make ends meet. If you are into poultry farming or any business to make ends meet. That's the only thing u will succeed in- making ends meet but if you're in it to add VALUE you did help others make their ends meet and you get wealthy in the process.

After you may have considered all the factors around you and still decide to go on with poultry farming, you then need to Choose your niche.

You see in business, there's only one way of making money and that is, to sell
- product or
- service

Your product or service must be specific and not generalised. It must solve specific problem for a specific set of persons.

There are many sub-sectors in the poultry industry which you can tap into. Below ar niches in the poultry business:
1. Egg production (layers breeding)
2. Meat production (broiler breeding)
3. Chick breeding (hatchery)
4. Poultry feed production
5. Poultry equipment manufacturing
6. Egg and meat processing, packaging and marketing
7. Poultry marketing and consultancy

You also need to choose a bird type. What type of bird would you be focussing on?
Is it
- domestic fowl or chicken (broilers and layers)
- turkey
- guinea fowl
- pigeon or
- duck
You see, you can't do everything. While it is possible to do 2, 3 or all of the above, you must first start from one.

Each of the above requires special skills, have their own secrets and points of Entries.

I discovered early in life that once you are doing the wrong thing at any point in life you will experience little or no progress. So the "poultry farming basis' is key as it helps your decision in whether you did want to be a poultry farmer or not. Also, it helps you in sketching out all you need to do plus what you want to achieve within a specific period. This is called Business plan. In this case, poultry farming business plan. It gives you a clear focus so that by the time are done understanding the various branches or niches of poultry you'd write something like these:

- My Layers farm business plan
- My broilers farm business plan
- My hatchery business plan
- My poultry feed business plan
- My poultry equipment manufacturing business plan
- My egg and meat processing, packaging and marketing business plan
- My poultry marketing and consultancy business plan

And where you have the intentions of growing from a particular niche to another to form a network of businesses within the same poultry farming business, you just combine the two or three niches and write your own business plan.

You see you may have a VERY big picture in your head but you must be humble to start small and grow. It makes your foundation solid and helps you gain MASTERY in each niche as you expand.

Now let us begin by explaining all the niches in poultry starting with;

1. Egg Production (Layers breeding): this is a branch of poultry that is concerned with breeding layers bird type for the purpose of eggs. Breeders in this field enter the business at the doc or point of lay (pullets) developmental stage. Breeders make money from the sells of eggs and chickens after the layers must have reduced in productivity which is usually after about 1 year period of egg laying. The eggs are sold at N700 - N1000 per crate depending on the size of eggs and location. A crate will contain 30 eggs. The layers after their productive days can be sold at N1,000 - N1,300

2. Meat production (broilers breeding): this branch is concerned with breeding broilers bird type for the purpose of meat. Broilers breeders make money from selling their chickens which usually get to marketable size from 6 - 12 weeks period. Broilers breeders usually enter the business at doc, 2 weeks, or 4 weeks developmental stage. Chickens are sold at N800 - N5,000 depending on weight and target market.

3. Chicken breeding (hatchery): this branch is concerned specifically for hatching eggs using incubators. Chicken breeders are those you buy doc from like agrited, CHI, ZarTech, NZ, Obasanjo farms etc. Anyone who has the resources and technical know how can also tap into it. This branch is already populated in the western region of Nigeria but still remain untapped or at least only a little in the North. We at the North have to book and wait for doc to be transported down from the west. Anyone in the north with the skills and resources will not only be rich but will attain it on time. Breeders in this category hatch almost all bird (layers, broilers, turkeys etc) type depending on their capacity. The prices of doc always fluctuate due to demands. The higher the demand, the higher the price. As a rule, demands for broilers are high from 14 weeks to celebrity periods and lower when this period are far from normal estimation of harvest. Layers doc are also influenced by demands. They are normally costlier than broilers no matter the session since they produce more profit than broilers.

4. Poultry feed production: this branch is concerned with making poultry feeds and selling same for profits. This branch is mostly run by factories and the feeds termed "factory processed feeds'. Factories already involved in this business include Hybrid, UAC producers of Vita feeds, livestock, Top etc. Again individuals with the capacity and skills can also tap into this. All range of feeds as far as poultry is concerned including fisheries and mammals are sometimes produced, packaged and sold by factories in this field. Sophisticated crushing and mixing equipments are required in this industry.

5. Poultry equipment manufacturing: this branch of poultry is involved with the manufacturing or importation of all kinds of poultry equipments such as Battery cages, crushers and mixers etc. Some persons in this category also offer installation for free or at reduced prices.

6. Egg and meat processing, packaging and marketing: this involves all the process of collecting eggs or meat and processing them into marketable forms. Example chickens can be collected,,slaughtered, de-feathered, cut opened and properly cleaned, cut in sizes or left whole and frozen. Further steps can be taken to package the chickens and distributed at restaurants, hotels, functions etc.
Eggs are collected, cleaned and racked in crates before they are being marketed and distributed.
Those in the field can be both farmers and non farmers. You can own a poultry farm and still involve in the processing, packaging and marketing or if you don't own a farm, you patronise farmers, buy eggs or chickens at wholesale prices, process and sell at prices to make gains.

7. Poultry Marketing and consultancy: this include experts in poultry who are familiar with specific or other branches of poultry. They help in promoting products in specific or general branch of poultry, guide starters on all the steps they need to start the business, set up farms for poultry farmers, provide mentorship services etc. This job they do at a fee

Now that you have details of each niche. You can proceed to writing your business plan starting small and keeping the big picture in mind. It is not a must to write a business plan but if you are serious about growing in this business, may need loan, investors etc then you should.