How to beat recession with poultry farming secrets - Part 3

Hello Probity Farmers!
In the coming days we will be doing things that will blow your mind and make you MONEY farming. I encourage you to take necessary steps if you have interest in poultry farming.

Today, i will be explaining to you the best breed to start with especially if you're a newbie and the point of entry that I think is best.

*If u are starting out for the first time and are ready to grow your business, you can't wait too long to do this. Imagine waiting until 6 months before you can sell 50 chickens wen u can actually sell 3 times and triple your profit within the same period and at a good price. So growing Cockerel is slow unless you are planning on buying doc and selling at 2 weeks it is not advisable.

* After Cockereal, layers are the strongest in terms of their ability to resist illness and withstand stress but growing these breed requires serious capital and the technical know how. You have to really know the business to be in it. Also, you don't get returns quickly since a bird will start laying from 18-20 weeks during the period of which you will be spending money on vaccines, drugs and quality nutrition. Your money is in the eggs these birds lay per day so imagine running a small scale, spending all these money only to park 50 - 100 eggs daily after 18 or 20 weeks.

* The best point of entry for all 3 breed type is doc ie day old chick. Here are the reasons
1. It is the most cost effective
2. You get to understand these creatures better. The more you understand them the better you knw how to grow them and the more your chances of profiting.

* Buying doc is the most risky but the best! I mean you are sure that the chicks have good nutrition from day 1 and will receive all the necessary vaccines, drugs and vitamins. All of which would account for the results you will get in terms of weight and egg. You are not sure of all these if you buy at 2 weeks old unless u know the farm.

* the cheapest point of entry for layer farmers is at the point of lay. At this point the layer is assumed to have received all the Vitamins, drugs, nutrition necessary for its future performance (laying eggs). There have been lots of report of under performance of layers bought at point of lay (pullets) stage. So unless you have heard a good report about a farm do not buy their pullets. You will waste money.

See, there are a lot of factors that contribute to the performance of chickens and for layers these 3 come top on the list:
1. Complete diet/highly nutritious feed
2. Vaccines
3. skill of nurturing

Layers need to get all 3 above to be able to develop the necessary enzymes which would help them produce the eggs you seek. Remember, your money comes first from selling eggs. Small sized eggs are priced low and delayed or under laying leads to waste of money.

* Another unique thing with layers is that it requires much more capital to start with even if you enter at point of lay. You will spend more in housing, feeds etc. It is also more profitable if done on a large scale of 500 pullets at the least. I mean you don't want to go through all the stress only to collect 50 eggs daily.
* Also, unlike broilers which can comfortably be breed at the backyard of your house, layers would need a good location far from residence. It is easier for your neighbours to accommodate the smell of chicken droppings than to accommodate a mixture of chicken droppings and rotten eggs... That shit can kill... Lols

* So if you have the required skills, a good location and the capital you can go ahead with layers. If not start small and grow BIG farming broilers.

From all I have said, you should understand that the best breed to start with especially if you are inexperienced and need returns quickly is BROILERS.

They are the most fragile with the highest chance of mortality but there is a way on how you can successfully brood them with less or no death rate.

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Live Smart!