Organic Farming Recipe

  • Hydroponic Fodder Farming

Learn Organic Farming ( Crop & Livestock )
Learn to Grow Food, Poultry and other Livestock Naturally
No Fertilizers | No Pesticides

Here are some topics that show you how:
*Microbes* .

 How to make your own microbial inoculant from scratch
 Learn to make the most versatile microbial inoculant in the world. Like below:
* *Plant Growth, Bloom, and Fruiting **

 How to make your own organic fertilizer your plants will love .
For plants just going into flower – *MORE Flowers BIGGER flowers *
 Make a fertilizer specifically for your plants in bloom and fruiting stages .
 How to make an immune booster to keep your plants healthy
 Pest problems? Try this recipe to keep the pests away
 Tap into plants’ own growth hormones to boost your plant growth

 Learn how to grow more food on less land;
 Culture beneficial micro organisms, like Lacto bacillus.
 Make your own bionutrients for foliar fertilizers, organic pesticides and fungicides.
 Also learn how to raise pigs and chickens without foul odors, antibiotics, hormones and chemical additives.

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If you have passion for the philosophies behind natural agriculture; appreciating the power and significance of nature and applying those knowledge to your environment.
Then, you are at the right place!!!!!

Here you will learn everything from;
 How to make your own homemade fertilizer,
 How to build a piggery that requires no cleaning and has no smell.
Along the way, my hope is that you will start viewing the natural world as being full of possibilities and lessons.

How do you farm naturally?
 By definition, you farm with nature. Take what exists in nature and apply it to your farm. That’s what the Recipes section is all about.
 Using every-day items like milk, sugar, common plants, natural habitat,
 You can create awesome tools to grow plants larger and healthier,
 Keep pigs, cows, goats, rams, sheep, grasscutters, snails and fish at much greater densities without disease, reduce odor, enhance flavor of vegetables/fruits, the list goes on.
 reduce the waste of food through proper digestibility and enhance feed conversion efficiency, resulting to good weight in broilers and good egg quality in layers with little feed intake
 More weight gain in broilers, pigs, cows and other livestock.
Learn how to grow more food on less land; with the use of powerful organic liquid fertilizers made by you.
culture beneficial microorganisms.
 Make your own bionutrients for foliar fertilizers, organic pesticides and fungicides, and more microbial techniques. Also learn how to raise pigs and chickens without foul odors, antibiotics, hormones and chemical additives.

Learn feed fermentation for broilers and also applicable to other livestock.

 Lactobacillus Serum
This is the workhorse of the beneficial bacteria we’ll be discussing here. We use it for everything! Foul odors, clogged drains, cheaper pig/chicken/etc farming, aquaculture, the applications are amazingly diverse. Learn how to make and use this and you will have a powerful tool in your farming arsenal.
 Homemade Fish Fertilizer
Fish fertilizer is an awesome product for promoting plant growth. It’s high in Nitrogen for growing plants, can be naturally produced, and is an awesome food for microbes! Fungi love this stuff. It can be expensive in the store, so why not just make your own?
It can completely replace your synthetic vitamins and amino acids for livestock

 CalPhos
This is an awesome product you can make from ingredients found in your kitchen. It is a nutrient solution for plants just entering the flowering cycle. In natural farming, we apply calphos before the flower initiation to support and enhance the eventual fruit.
Grow Fertilizer.
This is the natural farming plant growth formula. This formula is effective not only for the Nitrogen it supplies, but more importantly for the growth promoting enzymes and hormones it contains.
 Bloom Fertilizer
This is the natural farming plant bloom formula. This is an awesome solution you can make at home and feed your plants during the bud, flower, and fruiting stages of their growth cycle. It helps develop larger, sweeter tastier fruits
You will find all inside this manual.

 Ginger I garlic
This is an awesome product for plants and animals. It boosts the immune system and helps fight insect and fungal pests. Ginger-Garlic is a common and very useful variation, so I’m discussing it here, but you can alter this recipe to use any combination of plants for whatever effect you are going for.
 Neem Extract
Neem is an effective natural pesticide you can make yourself from the fruit of Neem trees. But if you don’t have a Neem tree growing in your backyard, no problem! Look around your neighborhood for………. Find inside!!!

Bamboo shoots Extract: This is your anticoccidiostat
It prevents and treats coccidiosis in poultry.
Though, still perfect for other livestock.

This is for both small hobbyists and larger industrial scale farmers and gardeners. The appeal of sustainable agriculture like organic and natural farming is broad. It’s initial appeal is for clean and safe food, but at the end of the day, it goes far beyond that. It enhances and protects the environment from degradation, whereas traditional agriculture tends to be a major culprit of this phenomenon. When we start to see this environmental or ecological issue, we go beyond the sustainable food system of creating safe food, to a food system which will provide life. It is this holistic context of “food, health and environment” that has both universal and particular appeal to all segments of the society.

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normancanty replied
2 Years
Thanks for sharing this organic farming recipe with us. Organic farming combines modern technology and traditional technology together. It removes all synthetic substances from the equation to arrive at organic foods which are free of any chemical residues that may be hazardous to the health of consumers. Organic farms revolve around maintenance of the natural nutrient cycle in the soil. Organic farmers allow organic matter to return to the earth naturally and become fertilizer for plants. One should be aware of pests in their garden as that can harm their crops and along with that they can also affect the lives of the people that are going to consume it. Farmers can hire Pest Control Monroe CT services for the inspection of the farm and can also try doing some do it yourself techniques that will help the farm safe, healthy and pest free.