Solution to Farm Water Problems Using Solar Pumps.

Setting Up Solar to Power Water Pumps in Farms. Grundfos and Lorents are the 2 best products for direct solar powered pumps. I deliberately used DIRECT because it means you do not require inverters or battery backup to power these pumps.

They are very intelligent because they can identify AC and DC currents and just pump water for you immediately. The pumps come with inverter technology just like your Lg Ac that the I better pass your neighbour generator can power.


Grundfos pumps for example requires:

DC mode (solar/battery current) 30v - 90v
AC mode (Gen/NEPA) 140V to 230V

Once there is sunlight and you connect the solar panels to the pump water comes out immediately. There are farms with this installation for 3 years now, no support they just wash the solar panels after every 6 months.

GRUNDFOS motor works very well if you feed it with 30v - 90v anything above this will be overkill.

Installation Requirements

1. 1.5 HP GRUNDFOS/ LORENTZ Pump Solar panels (lux is higher in the north than south) N700,000

2.Lagos, south-south and south east. I advise 4 units of 250 watts = 1000watts N240,000 and for Abeokuta, Oyo, Kwara and up north. 2 units of 250 watts is fine = 500watts. N120,000

3.Wiring for installation, Please keep the panels base as close as possible to water source. 20meters of 4core 16mm cables. N30,000

4.Installation. N120,000

2 panels at 24V = 48V more than the base requirements. That means we only need just 4 items to install Solar in farms, you will be surprised that 2 panels cannot pump 1.5Hp right ???
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Other benefits, once you are not pumping water, the power from the solar panels can be used to do something else, an inverter and batteries can be installed also, so you can switch from water pumping from a change-over switch to inverter charging, and this can be used to charge phones, radio, fan etc on the farm.

The only thing that happens when there is cloud cover and reduction is lux is a resultant voltage drop, which will still be above 30v at 75% reduction = 36v, when this happen, the volume of water pumped will slightly drop from say 20 gpm (gallons per minute) to say +/-15gpm, what this means in English is that if it takes 30 minutes to pump 2000 litres tank, it will increase to 45 minutes.

And there is a solution for this, we just install water level monitor in the tank, when the water goes below 50% of the tank. It should automatically switch on the solar panels and when the level gets to 100% it should switch of the power form the panels, this can be automated at an extra fee of about N300,000

My only concerns are when the borehole yield is poor, but once the borehole yield is good, just keep pumping, however the pumps comes with water head protection meaning if there is no water in the borehole, the motor will not start.

A submersible pump has 2 sections the motor and the head. For Solar pumps the motor is the same, then based on the borehole depth, appropriate head will be advised. The deeper the hole the longer the head needed. So there are different heads recommended for different depths.

Grundfos built these solutions specifically for African markets. Please don't use battery backups for Solar powered water projects, the return on investment will take about 3 years.

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