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Another planting season is fast drawing close. Farm inputs are in high demand in the market as farmers rush to put together implements needed for the new farming season. Although a farm needs various inputs, one of the most important is seed. This post looks at how selecting good seeds can help you achieve success on your farm.

A seed is the basic input from which plants grow, it contains the embryo of a future plant and also contains food to help the new plant grow. A good seed has various features that ensures that plants that sprout from it are in good conditions. These features include:

1.Fast Maturity Rate:

Good seeds are not dormant. Which means in favorable conditions the process of germinating is not delayed. Improved seeds go further by ensuring a farmer can enjoy fast yielding crops when compared to normal seeds. For example an improved variety of maize seed can mature in 105 days as compared to 120 days for normal variety. This would save a farmer considerable costs and efforts.

2.High Yield

Improved seeds provides extra income to farmers by ensuring harvests are bountiful. Plants which sprout from improved seeds have bigger, sweeter and high nutrient fruits compared to normal varieties. With minimal input a farmer can make most of his farm by saving costs on fertilizers, manure and other inputs necessary to have increased yield.

3.Resistance to Pest and Diseases

Each planting season, farmers have concerns about unforeseen occurrences that may occur on farm. One of these is infestation of crops by pests or diseases. They can spread quickly and damage farm crops if not controlled timely and properly.

One of the surest way to avoid an occurrence of disease on farm is through the planting of a resistant seed. Doing this helps farmers to be rest assured that their crops can fight against the diseases it is resistant to. Thereby saving considerable cost.

4.Clean Seed

Seeds contain biological data about its history. This means if a seed was obtained from plant with infection, there are high chances that germs and bacteria would exist in the seed. This can greatly affect productivity on farm. To avoid this of occurrence, farmers should use only improved and clean seeds in planting.

5.Modified to survive extreme conditions

Other improved seeds would help ensure that plants do well in slightly unfavorable conditions. Plants from seeds which are drought resistant can grow in places with little water supply. Increased heat/sunlight exposure also tend to have little effects on these type of plants.

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